Renewal of vows

Because ‘I love you’ cannot be said often enough

For those seeking for the perfect place to renew their marriage vows, either privately or publicly. A renewal of vows is not a wedding ceremony nor it is a wedding anniversary, it is the opportunity to have a symbolic and sentimental ceremony when, where and with who you decide it. It will suit any kind of persons, any adult of any gender who want to make a public declaration of their life-long commitment, of their love for each other. It is made for married couples regardless of gender, of age and of how long you have been married. Actually, each couple will have its own reasons to renew their marriage vows:

  • You were married in your own country and you want to take the opportunity of a journey with family and friends to the South of France, to have a romantic renewal of vows ceremony,
  • You originally had a secular wedding, and you want to have a religious ceremony now…. Or vice versa,
  • Your first wedding had some element of disaster, and you want a do-over,
  • You didn’t have much money and time for your first wedding, and you want a more elaborate wedding now that life has become sweeter to you,
  • You got married with too many people present, and too many ‘must do’ , so you would like to renew your wedding vows in front of a few family members and very close friends that will come with you to France for the occasion,
  • You’ve had some rocky times in your relationship, and would now like to reaffirm your commitment to one another during a romantic trip to Provence,
  • Or you simply think that your journey to the South of France would just be the most romantic opportunity to celebrate your everlasting love.


Whatever the reason is, begin by figuring out what style of ceremony you would like and by deciding a budget. Then, contact the wedding department of Eternal Provence to organize your dreamed event. From extravagant celebration to very casual style, we will stand by your side to make of this day, a very touching and memorable day.

The ceremony is conducted by an English speaking Master of ceremony. Very professional, he knows how to make this special moment YOUR personal moment. After a few welcome words and an opening speech, he will smoothly lead the ceremony, punctuated with selected music and with your own readings and poetry, your own personal vows and promises. Re-dedicate your rings or have your wedding rings blessed instead of purchasing new rings, not doubt that this will add an extra emotion. You may want to have the people who better know you, family and friends, to participate at the ceremony: so ask them to write and to say a few words about you ! The signature of a commemorative certificate will end up the ceremony and open the champagne cocktail time !