Private Events

France, the perfect country to celebrate any kind of private events !

Commitment ceremony

An engagement celebration is a meaningful and dignified time for people wishing to make a public commitment: a marriage proposal, an exchange of rings, a very special promise done to a very special person. The celebration has no specific protocol and no fixed duration and thus, it is easy to include it to any day tour or any vacation to the South of France.

Together we will build this event the way you want it, and if you do not have any idea, just relax, tell us what kind of commitment you like to celebrate and rely on our expertise. We will come up with a full range of ideas and suggestions. According to your budget and to your itinerary, we will select the best suiting place : an elegant square in Aix-en-Provence, a private garden opened just for the occasion, a romantic spot in the countryside painted by Vincent Van Gogh, in front of a UNESCO Monument in Avignon or in Arles, an exclusive wine estate, a fairy-tale castle ….


You can choose to keep this celebration secret from your relatives and friends until the last moment… What a great surprise to make to the person who matter to you ! At a pre-arranged time, your Eternal Provence guide will momentarily become your private Master of Ceremony. She will make a brief introduction, and then it will be your turn to use your own selection of words and poems to make your Promises of Commitment. A very emotional moment, celebrated with a sampling of local food specialities served with a glass of Champagne, delivered on site just at the perfect time !

Our ‘engagement package’ is stress-free and fun, so enhance your stay with a zest of fantasy !


Valentine’s Day

The most romantic rendez-vous for lovers !

No country is more appropriated than France to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Come celebrate this very romantic day the way it should be : with class and elegance. In Provence you will find a land of light and color, a land where the Rhône river winds its way through fruit orchards, fields of lavender, historic cities and finally ends-up in the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean sea. The Eternal Provence team will recommend you the best place to go: a gastronomic restaurant, a fairytale castle, a charming hotel, a ride on a barouche or a flight in a hot-air balloon, a private cruise on a yacht or on a riverboat… the choice is endless as our imagination and address book are !

So, are you ready to live the most dreamy Valentine’s day of your life ?


Family events and private events

The Eternal Provence events department will be pleased to include to any day tour or customized travel, a special time to celebrate any kind of your personal life steps. It will suit any kind of persons of any gender who want to make a public declaration of their personal aims, of their wishes and own challenges:

  • The birth of a child,
  • A birthday party,
  • A bachelor party,
  • A graduation party,
  • A new job or a new lifestyle,
  • A retirement party,
  • A special achievement in your life,

Actually, there are so many reasons to decide to have a memorable party in Provence ! This land is just perfect for that : from mountains to the Mediterranean sea, on rivers or lakes, in the beautiful countryside or in a cultural city, the Eternal Provence event planning department will find the best suiting place for the best party, no matter if you are a small or a large group of participants. The region has a blessed by the gods weather all year round, amazing venues of all types and talented artists that will be pleased to enhance your day with a bit of fantasy. So, come on and let’s party !