Wedding anniversary

Provence, the best place to say ‘I do’, year after year.

This is it , your wedding anniversary date is approaching fast ! Are you thinking of a one more candlelight dinner ? A flower bouquet ? A bottle of champagne? Why don’t you put a bit of fantasy to mark this important date? Ask Eternal Provence to plan a customized trip to the South of France and have a romantic wedding anniversary in an exquisite venue !

Our friendly and professional team will imagine the most memorable celebration for you. We perfectly know that a wedding anniversary has to be both fun and meaningful at the same time. Perhaps you’ve made it to 2, 5, 10, 25 or 50 years together and you want the world to know it and to celebrate it with you. The good news is, there are far fewer rules and dos and don’ts about a wedding anniversary than about a formal wedding celebration. You can really concentrate on the elements that are important to you. It can be as simple as the two of you alone in a beautiful spot reciting vows you have written, or a fancy affair with hundreds of guests.

Because a wedding anniversary isn’t a legally binding ceremony like a wedding is, virtually anyone can officiate the ceremony: our professional Master of ceremony, a clergyperson, your children, a relative or close friends…. This is up to you.

You can dress the way you want ! If you’re the bride, you could even wear your original wedding gown if you’re comfortable with it. Or choose another dress—a pretty cocktail dress, formal evening gown or a casual dress… the choice is yours, the organization is our duty ! Once we get to know you better, and that we have a budget, our professional team will take care of everything upon your desires !


What is your marriage anniversary symbol ?

1st Anniversary: Paper
2nd Anniversary: Cotton
3rd Anniversary: Leather
4th Anniversary: Wax
5th Anniversary :Wood
6th Anniversary: Cyprus
7th Anniversary :Wool
8th Anniversary : Poppy
9th Anniversary : Faïence
10th Anniversary : Tin
11th Anniversary : Coral
12th Anniversary : Silk
13th Anniversary : Lilly of the valley
14th Anniversary : Lead
15th Anniversary : Crystal
16th Anniversary : Sapphire
17th Anniversary : Rose
18th Anniversary : Turquoise
19th Anniversary : Chili Pepper
20th Anniversary : Porcelain
21st Anniversary : Opale
22nd Anniversary : Bronze
23rd Anniversary : Béryl
24th Anniversary : Satin
25th Anniversary : Silver
26th Anniversary : Jade
27th Anniversary : Mahogany
28th Anniversary : Nickel
29th Anniversary : Velvet
30th Anniversary : Pearl
31st Anniversary : Basane leather
32nd Anniversary : Copper
33rd Anniversary : Porphyry
34th Anniversary : Amber
35th Anniversary : Ruby
36th Anniversary : Mousseline
37th Anniversary : Paper
38th Anniversary : Mercury
39th Anniversary : Pancake
40th Anniversary : Emerald
41st Anniversary : Iron
42nd Anniversary : Nacre
43rd Anniversary : Flannel
44th Anniversary : Topaz
45th Anniversary : Vermeil
46th Anniversary : Lavender
47th Anniversary : Cashmere
48th Anniversary : Amethyst
49th Anniversary : Cedar
50th Anniversary : Gold
55th Anniversary : Orchids
60th Anniversary : Diamond
75th Anniversary : Alabaster
80th Anniversary : Oak