Wedding services

« Perfection is attained not when no more can be added, but when no more can be removed. »
—— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of “The Little Prince”.


Because a perfect day is the result of the perfect setting of each single details, rely on the expertise of Eternal Provence to take care of the most beautiful day of your life. Through the years, we have carefully selected simply the best partners, and together, we do have one aim only : to create everlasting memories. So do not hesitate to enhance the best day of your life with high-end options that will make your wedding day just the way you have always dreamed of!



Eternal Provence beauty team is composed of professional hairdressers and makeup artists coming to your hotel room to provide the best services to the bride, the groom and to the guests. Fully qualified, they can provide any beauty style, just let us know what is yours ! A rehearsal meeting the day before will allow you to give your last recommendations and wishes. Furthermore, shall you want to have a photo-shoot in the nearby romantic countryside, before or after the celebration day, our beauty truck is at your disposal for a perfect photo-session all through the day.








A picture is worth a thousand words and wedding photos are even more than that; it consists of love, promise, memory, passion, and joy. That’s what makes them timeless and priceless at the same time.

So, let your day flow, enjoy every single moment of it and ask your guests to do the same. The Eternal Provence photographers and filmmakers are real professionals, they will fix for eternity the emotion of your wedding ceremony !











A wedding day is a quite busy day for the newlyweds. Thus it is getting more and more popular to have an extra private photo shoot before or after the event. Indeed, the couple feels wonderfully rested and relax. There is no particular timing to respect, no rush, no stress, just the pleasure to go to the most scenic spots of our beautiful South of France to take glamorous pictures of the two of you. So smile and just enjoy a professional photo shoot that will offer you everlasting memories !



Lilies, peonies, roses or lavender? Red, white, yellow or purple? Sober, extravagant or creative? The flower arrangements are important for the success and the atmosphere of your wedding ceremony. According to the season and to your personal taste, Eternal Provence is there for you, to make fresh seasonal flowers arrangements that will perfume your memories and hearts forever!



Indulge yourself to the best with a French style ceremony (indoor or outdoor), customized with traditional rites such as the rose ceremony, the sand ceremony, the unity candle, or the loving cup of wine and salt shower ceremony… The South of France is full of romantic symbols of deep and philosophic meanings to be included to any kind of celebration. Shall you wish to have a special rite originated from your own country, let us know, our multi-cultural team will be pleased to satisfy you !



Decide to have a marriage certificate that is the perfect reflect of your love ! Handmade by the most talented local artists, made of rice paper or of rag paper mixed with lavender flowers, illuminations and gold letters embellishing a sophisticated calligraphy… A handmade certificate has a centennial lifetime, it adds a touch of elegance and luxury and enhances the value of your love.



Besides the traditional wedding sound tracks, Eternal Provence offers also a large range of live music performed by professional artists: from harp players to rock and roll band, from jazz musicians to classical string quartet. Would you rather have a soprano singer to celebrate with magnificence the most beautiful day of your life? Choose your own songs or ask for our digital samples. Whether it is for your ceremony or for an elegant cocktail or a classy dinner, get extra emotions with a live music performance !



What about some wonder and fantasy to make your day even more unforgettable? Fireworks show, equestrian performance, local gypsy or Provencal dances, entertaining clown theatre show or a mysterious magician ? Eternal Provence address book is full of professional artists to satisfy the most demanding requests.



You are coming from fare away and you do not want to bring your own wedding gown which will make your luggage a bit too much cumbersome? You do not want to spend money into a single use dress? You dreamed since ever to have the opportunity to wear an elegant outfit designed by a French stylist? Then, the Eternal Provence team will get you the perfect dress. All you have to do is to plan an arrival a couple of days in advance in order to have a private trial before your ceremony.



Spend a day out of time ! Eternal Provence offers to the newlyweds and to their guests the unique opportunity to rent exceptional period costumes as well as traditional ones. Our selection of quality outfit is diverse and covers all epochs of the local culture : contemporary stylish party dress, Provencal costumes, sober and sensual clothing from the of the 16th century, glamorous costumes of the nobility of the 17th and 18th centuries, colored gypsy dresses or uniforms of local cowboys… What an amazing and fun photo shoot coming ahead of you!



Nothing ends up better a ceremony that a Champagne cocktail served with local appetizers, don’t you think so? This sparkling festive drink is the very first guest of all parties taking place all around the world. In France, we say that drinking a glass of Champagne brings good luck to the newlyweds… so, Eternal Provence has selected the best crus to make sure that it works on you !



Invite the French gastronomy and fine wines to your party. The Eternal Provence will be pleased to organize your wedding banquet whether you want to have it in your the wedding venue, in the nature, in a castle or on a yacht !



Your wedding day is a day you will never forget! Therefore choose an extraordinary way to initiate it. Take a beautiful decorated barouche, pulled by horses, that will ride you through the so beautiful Provencal country side, to the venue where your guests are waiting for you. This will be the most elegant and glamour way to start a memorable day !



For an impressive arrival of the newlyweds, ask Eternal Provence to hire an helicopter or a stylish Limo !



While the Eternal Provence wedding assistant will take care of the bride and of the groom all day long, make sure that your guests also get the warmest welcome and the best in-class services. Our qualified steward will dedicate his day to the comfort of your beloved one. We know that travelling with children, elderly or disabled people asks for special services. Eternal Provence supplies these special needs to assure a smooth and enjoyable day for all: from babysitters for the small ones to adapted services for the older ones and appropriate transportation and accommodation for the disabled persons. We give special attention to the needs of our special guests, so just relax and enjoy your day !



Because a wedding in France involves many adjustments, the Eternal Provence travel department will be happy to organize every elements of your wedding project : travel plans and customized itineraries, local transportation, charming accommodation, exceptional catering, guiding services… you dream, we realize !